1-st class cosmetick


The Scissor Hands brand specializes in men’s hair and beard care products. Our range includes a wide variety of products for every taste. All products of our brand are completely unique and do not duplicate each other. We deeply study every element of the product, the history of creation, character formation, selection of aroma, texture, its properties, packaging, design and finally the animation and voice that opens and fills the image even wider, which allows you to better understand the product and enjoy it. In order to support the local economy, we make our products available to every customer, while making them from high quality components that are purchased in environmentally friendly countries. Also, we do not use animal fats in our products, which takes our brand to a higher cultural level. For us, the word quality is not a figure of speech, but a part of life. Scissor Hands cosmetics is developed and produced at ZINENKO production facilities. Production is located in Ukraine in the city of Kremenchuk, which belongs to the temperate continental climate zone, with an average air temperature from -20 to +40. While manufacturing cosmetics we consider all factors of the eco-environment and adjust our products to it.


What is greasy culture, who is greaseman? It is a wide universe, embracing all cultural manifestations of human and idealizing him, bringing him closer to what he has aspired to all his conscious life, bringing him closer to perfection. Why has evolution not abandoned facal and head hair? Because we threw absolutely all wool from our body and from the logical point of view, the rest of the hair is superfluous, why do we need it? With it, we are more unique and diverse! By juggling with styles, we bring new diversity into our lives, deepen the idea of ourselves, focus on ourselves the people we need, convey more emotions and information to the world around us, expanding it and more filling it with colors. More salt, more sugar, this is the look of the modern world. And before we give up the greasy culture in its modern form, we must give up the world we know and enter a new era. And what should the greaseman of the future become?

About Us

Born and developing during the war, the Scissor Нands brand is the bearer of a unique experience. It carries a dark deep energy, which is converted into our products. Scissor Hands is an energetic brand in the men’s grooming world, created by extreme people in order to create products that tell stories from the outside and convey the style and power that goes with that story. Our goal is to take you to a new stage of evolution and leave a bright mark in your life.