1-st class cosmetic


A scent that encourages violation of social and moral orders. He is cunning and soft. Notes of tobacco leaf will immerse you in an oasis of permissiveness. The violet leaves will flirt with you, it’s time to relax. The note of myrrh enters the scene and will make you drown in its sunny dune. Spread your arms, the world will hug you deep into its heart, you will echo the warm pulse of space. You are in a dream that has no beginning or end.

Dicaprylyl carbanate, perfume, caprylic/capric 
triglycerides, vitamin E.

How to use it Як використовувати Как использовать

Take a shower or bath. It’s always best to start with clean skin before applying perfume. This will remove dirt, sweat, and other odors from your skin, allowing the perfume oil to adhere better and last longer. Dry your skin: Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying fragrance oil. Wet skin can dilute the scent and affect its longevity. The oil can be applied to any part of the body, we recommend areas such as: neck, arms, chest, stomach, groin. Don’t rub too hard as this can destroy the fragrance molecules. Start with a small amount: Fragrance oils tend to be more concentrated than spray perfumes, so you may need less than you think. Start with a small amount and gradually add more if desired. It’s easier to add more flavor than to remove excess. Store Properly: To maintain the quality of your perfume oil, store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help prevent the scent from deteriorating over time.