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Control Beard Oil


  • Easy hold

  • Light shine

  • Water base

  • Recovery

  • UV Protect

I am a God on the battlefield, my tank’s cannon is aimed at suppressing external negative factors, the armor will give a firm fix, and a set of oils will repair the damaged beard.

The fragrance is a sweetly lacquer containing a mix of summer fruits and berries. Wearing this fragrance, you can be sure that any criticism of your beard will be broken and flown to heaven.

The unique Panzer oil has as its main task fixing the beard. It is constructed by water-based method with a selection of oils designed to enrich the hair shaft of the beard and further strengthen and protect it. It gives a light natural shine and is suitable for medium or longer hair.

Scent: Rosin + Lime + Patchouli


  • Olive Oil helps protect the keratin in the hair and retains moisture.
  • Macadamia Oil Strengthens fragile hair, hydrates the skin and gives a natural, vibrant shine.
  • Sesame Oil, natural UV protection.
  • Coconut Oil nourishes, gives a high level of sun protection.
  • Almond Oil Creates an externally nourishing environment for the beard.

Visually, the Panzer is drenched to the bone with the history of World War II and its colorful personalities. The entire product development took 7 months, 4 of which were polishing alone.
The task was to create a new, unique, high-quality product that would surpass existing oils on all fronts.



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