1-st class cosmetic


Give me a signal and you’ll feel me, give me a signal and you’ll notice me, give 
me a signal and I’ll blow up your beard, give me a signal, give me a signal, give 
me a signal! SIIGNAAALLL!!!
The fragrance is a very delicious super-extra-signaling melon, you will be drooling 
all day long.

Signal is the first oil developed in our line.
Initially it was called “Vol. 1″. In parallel with its 
development, there was a process of work on its “brother” – “Vol. 2″ with the aroma of 
tangerine, but natural selection did not allow it to survive. Photo “Vol. 2” can be found 
on the Instagram feed as memorable episodes of the brand’s history. It was decided to 
base “Vol. 1” – melon aroma. The choice was made on the basis of personal preference 
for this smell, but everyone likes melon – the taste of warm, summer memories.
Therefore, there was a great desire to capture fragrance in the universe of beard products.
Over all the many years, the composition of the oil has not changed, but has only been 
enriched with additional elements.

Aroma: Juicy melon.

  • Olive oil stimulates beard growth.
  • Avocado oil nourishes the bulbs and adds natural shine.
  • ojoba oil intensely moisturizes and helps retain moisture.
  • Poppy Seed Oil improves the condition of beard hair structure.
  • Growth


  • Light shine

    Light shine

  •   Oil base

    Oil base

  • Hydrates


  • Strengthen


Olea europaea (olive), papaver rientale (poppy) seed oil, simmona chinensis, persea gratissime oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, scent, phenoxyethanol.

How to use it Як використовувати Как использовать

Прокиньтеся, вмийтеся, поснідайте і перед виходом на вулицю 
нанесіть масло.
Рекомендуємо нанести необхідну кількість олії 
піпеткою на руки, ретельно розтерти для відчуття аромату, а потім дбайливими рухами втирати в шкіру обличчя для додаткового
зволоження, далі акуратно втирайте масло в бороду, розподіляючи засіб для догляду вздовж усієї довжини.