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Exotic Beard Oil


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  • Hydrates

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Look into my eyes, look deeper, deeper, I feel like you want to grow a beard, you want to become beautiful with a beautiful beard, you want more attention,love, warmth and affection, take me, apply me and you will get it all.

The scent is lightly woody, mixed with the smell of morning dew, but as time passes you will feel the subtle odor of flowers.

VooDoo functions on an oil basis and is endowed with a matte effect. Its purpose is to enrich the beard with rare elements due to the exotic oils in its composition and work with the facial skin. The oil deeply moisturizes the beard and gives the effect of elasticity. The composition is rich in ingredients to work with the facial skin, they effectively soften and smooth it. Suitable for any length of beard.

The main obstacle when foreign substances enter the skin is the stratum corneum, which consists of corneal scales tightly stacked on top of each other, glued together with a lipid layer.
The lipid layer of the stratum corneum on the face is more significant than in other parts of the body. Due to this, the penetration of fat-soluble substances occurs much better through the skin of the face than through the skin of the palm.
Thus, with proper, regular use, saturated (liquid) oils liquefy the lipid layers and deliver active ingredients deep into the dermis while enriching it.
The renewal of the stratum corneum occurs in 3-4 days.
Apply oil to the skin of the face before going to bed for two weeks, then a break of two weeks is necessary.
Do not varto apply oliya on the skin before entering the street on a sunny day.
You can apply it to your beard once a day.

Scent: Mandarin + Lavender + Mint


  • Andiroba Seed Oil treats damaged hair.
  • Baobab oil contains omega fatty acids that affect skin rejuvenation.
  • Evening Primrose Oil contains arachidonic acid.
  • Papaya oil retains moisture for elasticity of the beard.
  • Moringa Oil Contains 72% oleic acid, making it ideal for hair care.

Voodoo oil was not part of our plans, because all attention was thrown on four new products, and there was no energy anymore, but we thought: “If we have already prepared 4 new products, why not make five oils at once.” And once again we were patient, tightened the belt and did it.



5.00 out of 5

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  1. Bohdan Lobach

    Hair length: Не важливо

    Hair type: Усі

    Догляд та відновлення

    Ідеально на зиму. Масло зробить вашу бороду здоровою, чудово камбінується з ПАНЗЕР