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Hydrate Beard Balm


5.00 out of 5
(5 customer reviews)
  • Easy hold

  • Matte

  • Water base

  • Hydrates

  • Conditioner

Whoa-ha-ha, the wave to my beard, but I can see the reefs! Shipboy, take the helm as we move past the reefs and head for the storm. Are you scared? Don’t be scared, you’re safe aboard my ship.

The scent is a thunder breeze, that will immerse you in a real underwater odyssey, with intoxicating delight and discovery.

Jack is endowed with a dense gel texture; it will give a light hold and a marine matte effect. The balm is water-based with water-soluble oils in order to enhance the hydration of the beard. Thanks to the large amount of microminerals, it easily soaks in, nourishing the bulbs and promotes the growth of a healthy beard. Excellent conditioner, creating an airy beard effect.

Scent: Bergamot + Lemon


  • Almond oil will create an external nourishing environment for hair and face skin.
  • Wheat germ oil has a toning effect.
  • It removes fat from the beard, softens the hair, giving it elasticity and anti-static properties.
  • Highly effective moisturizer, helps retain moisture.
  • Bergamot oil helps to breathe the cuticle and moisturize them, stimulates hair growth.


The idea to create a product comes from the desire to make a balm with a liquid, but at the same time dense texture that would give a new experience in use.
The start of development began in May 2019 in order to have time to test the balm in the hot season. In August of the same year, the product was ready.
From the visual side, the project was inspired by the movie “Das Boot” of 1981, it is he who displays the whole spiritual filling of the balm.



5.00 out of 5

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  1. Олександр Науменко

    Олександр Науменко

    Age: 48

    Hair length: Довге

    Hair type: Будь яке

    Знову БІМБА)

    На вечір для дому дуже приємна якісна штука, фіксація не цікава. Дякую!

  2. Bohdan Lobach

    Bohdan Lobach

    Hair length: Коротка-середня

    Hair type: Для будь яких


    Легка фіксація, гелеві основа приємно обгортає волосяний фолікул, на теплу пору ідеально ляже, особливо класно зволожує влітку
    Не для довгих борід

  3. Dmytro Stvolov

    Dmytro Stvolov

    Age: 29

    Hair length: Середня

    Hair type: Нормальний


    Дуже класний аромат бергамоту. Сподіваюся що буде зволожувати шкіру і волосся. Буду брати ще)

  4. Владислав Грушка

    Владислав Грушка

    Age: 28

    Hair length: 4

    Hair type: Жесткий

    Hydrate Beard Balm - JACK

    Крутий свіжий запах бергамоту. Бальзам зволожує, підтримує форму. Уся продукція від Scissor Hands – топова.

  5. Roman Lukashenko

    Roman Lukashenko

    Age: 30

    Hair length: 20

    Hair type: Вьющиеся


    Это самый крутой бальзам ) топовый аромат который продержится целый день после утренней укладки . Такого аромата вы ни где не встретите.