1-st class cosmetic


I’ve been to the hottest places, gone through more than one war and saved more than one beard. 
With my arsenal of experience, I am the one who will confidently help your beard in any situation.
The fragrance is filled with a bright explosion of jungle fruit. Warming in winter, refreshing in summer.

Preparation for development began at the end of 2018. This time we have shifted the focus from 
the Second World War and made a bet on the war of a new era.Creating Tomahawk, we had to 
study the entire Vietnam War, watch a lot of both frightening, ironic, and absurd films in which 
you could drown, replay a bunch of games, look through historical sources. And at the end of a 
fascinating journey to capture the style of that era, that world, displaying it in our vision.

Aroma: Pear + Cinnamon + Honey.

  • Aloe Vera prevents itching, regenerates skin cells.
  • Calendula oil has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Triglycerides provide a feeling of smoothness, glide and conditioning.
  • Camellia oil contains oleic, palmitic, linoleic, stearic and arachidonic acids that enrich the color of the beard.
  • Carnauba wax provides protection, volume and fixation of the beard.
  • Easy hold

    Easy hold

  • Matte


  • Water base

    Water base

  • Hydrates


  • Recovery


INGREDIENTS: aqua, PEG-40, carnauba wax, arachidyl alcohol, 
cyclomethicone, rice oil, aloe vera oil, calendula oil, camellia oil, 
propylene glycol, polysorbate 20, perfume, stearic acid, 
gryceryl stearate citrate, ECOTECH, phenoxyethanol.

How to use it Як використовувати Как использовать

Take the right amount of product for your length. Rub on palms and between fingers Apply the balm to your beard and mustache. The best balm is distributed additional combing with a beard comb or a brush with fine teeth, thereby taming unruly hairs evenly. The balm can be applied to the beard without restrictions, at any time of the year and day.
After the end of use, it is recommended to replace the beard product with another one.