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Multi Beard Balm


5.00 out of 5
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  • Medium hold

  • Matte

  • Water base

  • UV Protect

  • Strengthen

I am imbued with the courage and bravery that will inspire you to grow a beard, even if you do not have one. And if you have one, fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight, because after overcoming our fears we gain glory.

The scent is a burning kamikaze cabin before the crash.

Thick creamy base, gives a medium hold and a dark matte effect. Due to the water base, microelements penetrate deep into the hair roots and enrich the structure. The composition is fully aimed at protecting and strengthening the beard from its bulb to the tips.

Scent: Apple + Rose + Cherry


  • Avocado oil strengthens the hair, and prevents the beard hair from breaking.
  • Cocoa butter restores trace elements in the hair structure, moisturizes and strengthens.
  • Sesame oil enhances skin regeneration, provides protection against ultraviolet.
  • Removes the effect of oily, sticky beard.
  • Beeswax gives protection, volume and fixation of the beard.

Design development began at the end of 2017 and was periodically carried out until the end of 2019. At the very beginning, there was no understanding of what it should be, styling or pre-styling, it was just a cool raw concept and that’s it. And only at the beginning of 2019 it was decided to develop it as a beard balm, which had to become a strong finish in the direction of beard balms and demonstrate the highest quality.
In design, the task was to combine three directions, rockabilly, cyberpunk and historical heritage.
In the direction of the composition of the product, the task was to make a gentle dense oil-based cream with a fixation effect, with expectations to transfer the formula to a new hair styling product.
The development of the formula began in the spring of 2019 and ended only closer to December 2019, filling all this time with torment and suffering.
As a result, we have achieved a very interesting and unique texture. And thanks to this product, we have brought many new directions in hair styling products.



5.00 out of 5

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Number of reviews: 3

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  1. Bohdan Lobach

    Hair length: Середня - довга

    Hair type: Для всіх

    Ідеальний варіант

    Для будь якої бороди, з фіксацією, захистом, заоложенням, для будь якої пори року. Однозначно найкращий продукт для бороди через всіх зазначених

  2. Дима Фурт

    Hair length: ….

    Hair type: ….


    Достойная косметика в целом…запах пушка…увлажняет,фиксирует,доет приятный блеск бороде,рекомендую!!☺️☺️☺️

  3. Дмитро Хрижановський

    Hair length: Середня та довга

    Hair type: Всі

    Стайлінг для бороди

    Дуже крутий бальзам, я як барбер використовую його на бороди клієнтам, всі в захваті від аромату та його функції, рекомендую 🤘🦁