1-st class cosmetic


Through billions of years of evolution, as a shattering lightning I will appear in front of you. The perfect machine, 
the pinnacle of thought, incomprehensible to all around, but attracting a deep interest in the flawless. Raze is a 
modern image of the future, and before you catch it, you have to die a dozen times. But why you need such extremes? 
Because I know – you want everything at once, so… What are you waiting for?
The fragrance is pungent, brash and fast, like cold thunder, which causes a daze. This scent is complex and deep, 
it will not cause love, but only misunderstanding.

Raze is a strategic move, at the time of rebranding in 2020 it was necessary provide the most diverse assortment and focus on the closing agent.
But releasing just a gel into the world would be an unforgivable mistake; we need to offer something new and interesting.
The goal has been set, then the path to achieving it. The first formulas that went on sale were sad, it was a failure.
But what is failure if not the beginning of a new one. In our quest to grow, we’ve updated the formula, improved the scent, and created a product we’re proud of.

Fixing element: ceteareth 25 + lanolin + pvp.
How it works: an emulsifier, in combination with plant lanolin, creates a dense gel base, pvp acts as a gluing element.
Aroma: Pepper + Lemon
Hairstyle life cycle: 24 hours
Consumption: optimally 1 g per application
Melting point: from 33 C

  • Ultra hold

    Ultra hold

  • Light shine

    Light shine

  •    Oil base

    Oil base

  • Jaguar skill

    Jaguar skill

Aqua, polysorbate-20, glycerin peg-40 hydrogenated 
castor oil, peg-7, glyceryl cocoate, pvp, olea europaea, 
perfume, phenoxyethanol, colorant.

How to use it Як використовувати Как использовать

To achieve perfect fixation, apply it to damp hair, dry it with a hairdryer, 
give it the desired shape, apply it thoroughly and give final fixation. 
For short hair, can be applied to dry hair.

Best combination
Найкраща комбінація
Лучшая комбинация

Raze styling gel, like Bad Groom cream, continues to develop t
he direction of fixation. We recommend combining it with Poison 
balm, since their scents match each other 
and Rocket shampoo as a care element.

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